Add Ons

Integration with Aavaz 361

Need to run a collections campaign or inform your clients about the new winter line. With Aavaz 361 you can supercharge your Aavaz Box to get call center capabilities to ensure that your outreach programs or inbound advertising calls are tracked, followed up on, and closed to achieve your goals. Discover Aavaz 361 here.

Auto-Dialer for Announcements

Have a list of phone numbers you need to broadcast an announcement to. Use the Auto-Dialer to automatically call your list and play a pre-recorded message.

Auto-Dialer with Live Agents

Have a list of phone numbers you need to broadcast an announcement to. The outbound announcements can be controlled based on the number of agents available, so if someone would like more information, then can press a number to speak with a live agent.

Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer can optimize call center operations by ensuring that your callers maximize their talking time. The Aavaz predictive dialer works using the latest algorithms so that it is both compliant with Ofcom and FCC rules.

Agent Monitor

The agent monitor can allow you to keep an eye on your agents in real time. With features such as listen, whisper and barge in, you can help train your callers to perform better.

APIs for Integrations

The Aavaz Box exposes a simple JSON API to make and receive calls. It allows you to automate your processes, or enable calling capabilities into your CRM or other custom software

Sugar CRM Integrations

The Aavaz Box is fully integrated with SugarCRM, with advanced work flows that makes your sales and support team super efficient. Shave many hours from your agents every day with the advanced capabilities. Managers love the plugin because it not only makes your agents more effective, it also drives adoption and creates visibility that was hard to achieve with out it. Learn more…

Smart IVR node for Integrating with
Automated Systems

The Smart IVR node is a programmable interface. When used it can query external API’s and play responses based on the response from the API. A classic example would be to enable your IVR to check a customer’s account balance.