About Free PBX

Free PBX is an initiative by Aavaz to help SME’s scale their business to the heights they dream of. The objective behind free PBX is to make every single business out there technology friendly.


General features are something people don’t take seriously but with Aavaz you don’t have to worry about such things as Aavaz is always concerned about even the tiniest of factors that can help our customers grow.

Dial by directory

Music on Hold

Standard SIP support. No proprietary lock in!

Support Multiple Language

Preset configurations with telecom provider

Conference Rooms

Ease of Use

Customer comfort is what Aavaz thrive for. Our tools and softwares are easy to use and install. You can easily configure and set up everything from the place of your comfort in just a few clicks.

Web based administration

Simple configuration

Super intuitive to accomplish most tasks

User can manage their own extensions and voicemail

Administrative /Call Center / Training

Administering the team is one of the most crucial tasks for any company. A member in the wrong direction is the task ruined. Aavaz makes sure that you don’t have to face such extremities with your work and you’re able to administer your team perfectly

Agent monitoring


Barge in


Call Recording


Managing inbound calls is the most crucial part of any call center as it defines how your customer perceives you. Aavaz let’s you handle your inbound calls efficiently by providing a list of features to ease your process and to run the function smoothly

IVR Auto-attendant

Skills based routing

Call recording

Centralized Voicemail for Queues

Individual Voicemail for Users

Call forwarding on queues

Call forwarding for users – Follow me

Office hours

Queuing with Round Robin, Ring All and Overflow


Getting business is not an easy task but with Aavaz’s easy to use and handle outbound calling system it’s easier to manage calls and spam score of your telephony system as aavaz lets you maintain your caller id so that it doesn’t look spammy or filtered.

Least Cost Routing

Maintain Caller ID

Call Controls

On-call demand is something a business just can foresee but it’s important to be prepared. Aavaz gives you the advantage of being able to serve your customer better with its easy to use and unmatchable call control options.


Attended Transfer

Blind Transfer