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Install on prem with docker and get started quickly.
Install in cloud with docker with detailed instructions.
We can set everything up for you, so you don’t have to.

Get Started

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Install On-Prem or

In Cloud

Aavaz PBX – Free PBX is run as a docker image. If you are someone who is familiar with basic Linux installs and has the ability to run the commands then this is for you!
That’s it – your Aavaz Box is up and running. To access your new Aavaz Free PBX open your browser and point it to the IP address of your system and you’re ready to go!
Install On-Prem or In ​Cloud
Managed by​ Aavaz

Managed by


Aavaz installation and configuration can get you up and running in no time. We will ask you guided questions about how you’d like to setup your Aavaz Free PBX. Once we have gathered your requirements we will install all the software and configure your phone lines and setup your users and IVRs so you can be up and running without worrying about anything. Once everything is setup, we will also give you a training session so you can manage any changes yourself.


What People Say About Us

It was great when we came across Aavaz. They had good team, a good product, and even the price was a good fit for us.
Manav Mehra
Director- TAV Pvt. Ltd
This is the easiest company to work with, the management is amazing, it's a great partnership for us overall in the long run
Avdhesh Singh
HOD- Wagman Digital
We've never seen this high level of responsiveness from any brand. It gave a ton of flexibility on what customer it fits
Krishan Jhalani
Krishan Jhalani
Founder- Indique Hair

Aavaz Free PBX

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